Online Health and Safety Courses

We provide a wide range of fully certified, online health safety courses.With the challenges businesses face in organising employees to go off-site and attend training, our online health and safety courses can simplify the process and really ease the burden.


Remote Learning Options

manual handling courses

Manual Handling Course

This course is designed to help you understand safe manual handling principles.

Abrasive Wheel

Abrasive Wheels Training

This course gives you the knowledge so you can use abrasive wheels and their associated equipment safely.

safety induction course ireland

Safety Induction Training

A comprehensive health & safety induction courses covering the specific safety controls for your business.

Emergency Firs Aid Training

Emergency First Aid Training

The aim of this course is to give you the knowledge to offer assistance to someone suffering a sudden illness or injury.

Fire Safety Course

Designed to provide the specialised knowledge required for a person to carry out a safe evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of cyber security and how to protect you and your organisation from cyber attack or personal attack.

Compliplus Induction Training

Height Safety Training

This course will give employees the knowledge to safely choose and inspect their personal height safety equipment.

Workstation Ergonomics Training

Workstation Ergonomics

This course provides guidance and information to reduce the risks associated with working at a workstation.


This GDPR course will help businesses prepare for a business future that is data-protection compliant.

legionella managment course

Legionella Management Course

The Legionella Management Course aims to provide individuals with the training to safely manage legionella.

Safety Statements

Risk Assessment Training

This risk assessment training course provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to effectively conduct a risk assessment in your workplace.

Driver Awareness

The objective of this course is to reduce vehicle accidents through driver safety.

Safety Statement Ireland

Employee Fit for Work

This course teaches the correct way to complete a Fit for Work Assessment with your employees.

Hazardous Substances

This course will gives an overview of how chemical & hazardous substances can be effectively managed in the workplace.

Fire Warden Training

This course is designed to provide the specialised training required to be able to carry out the duties of Fire Warden.

Food Safety

Food Safety

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of food safety.

Policy & Procedures

Introduction to HR

The aim of this course is to provide employers with knowledge of the basic requirements to be minimally compliant with employment legislation.

HR Terms of Employment

The goal of this course is to help employers understand the importance and purpose of Terms of Employment and clarify how it is to be used.


Testimonials & Case Studies

“Compliplus has been very beneficial in assisting us with safety training, safety compliance and quality. Working in
Healthcare, and in particular working in high risk clinical areas, poses significant operational difficulties and
Compliplus has helped us to manage this effectively. In addition, using Compliplus has assisted in achieving and
maintaining international standards like ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.”

Mark Byrne  – Managing Director

“Paddy, Colin and the team have gone above and beyond their duties to help us get training completed. They have also been a huge help outside of the training field including helping with safety documentation and keeping us up to date with current legislation. They have dealt with us in a very professional manner from the original contact stage right through to the rolling out of the programme”

– Ashling McCardle – Health & Safety Manager

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