Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) Training

This mobile elevated working platform training will give you an understanding into the importance of the safe selection and operation of MEWPs.
mobile elevated working platform course Ireland

Programme Title: Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs)

Programme Aim: As MEWPs are widely used in the workplace and are replacing ladders and tower scaffolds as the preferred method of access it is important that operators are given formal training in the safe selection and use of MEWPs.

The aim of this MEWP training course is to train individuals to safely select and use MEWPs in the workplace, to make them aware of their legal responsibility whilst using MEWPs so that they can comply with the specific operational requirements of the MEWPs that they operate.

Programme Objectives: By the end of this MEWP training course, delegates will understand the importance of the safe selection and operation of MEWPs. They will be able to implement the processes and activities required by both the legislation and manufacturers to remove or reduce risks relating to the use of MEWPs in the workplace.

Programme Duration: 1 Day course (this may increase as a result of specific circumstances/requirements)

Mobile Elevated Working Platform Course Content;

  1. Introduction
  2. Legislation and the Use of MEWPs
  3. Basic Types and Specification of MEWPs
  4. Hazards Associated with Using MEWPs
  5. MEWP Accident Analysis & MEWP Risk Assessment
  6. Daily Pre-use Checks and Maintenance Requirements
  7. Safety Precautions While Using MEWPs
  8. Evaluating Ground Conditions
  9. The Use of Harness in MEWPs
  10. Emergency Procedures
  11. Positioning of the MEWP
  12. Re-fuelling and Battery Charging Procedures
  13. Operating the MEWP Safely and Correctly
  14. Practical and Written Test
  15. MEWP Course Summary

MEWP Training Method: The focus of the Mobile Elevated Working Platform training delivery concentrates on a balance of:

  • Structured MEWP training
  • Formal MEWP training
  • Interactive learning
  • Teamwork and team-building (group dynamics with a case study)
  • Practical exercises, inspection, MEWP risk assessments and driving skills
  • Individual approach (each individual is assessed separately)
  • The use of handouts and audio-visual materials
  • Contextualisation by discussing specific examples of both the correct operation and the incorrect operation of MEWP’s within the workplace.

Participant Profile: All persons must be comfortable at working from heights and be aware of their safety responsibilities.

MEWP Trainer Profile: All MEWP instructors will have completed a 3rd level qualification in Health and Safety, a 3rd level qualification in Training and be registered as a MEWP Instructor.

MEWP Training Aids: Laptop and projector, flipcharts, whiteboard, Harnesses and Lanyards’, PowerPoint, Pictures, Case Studies and DVD’s.

MEWP Assessment Method: Written assessment covering key learning objectives. 25 Questions. There is a practical inspection and Driving Test which follows

MEWP Certification: The mobile elevated working platform certification is awarded to those who pass the course and is valid for 3 years.

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