Emergency First Aid Training

The aim of the emergency first aid training course is to give you the knowledge to offer assistance to someone suffering a sudden illness or injury.

Emergency Firs Aid Training

Emergency First Aid Course

First Aid is the treatment given for any injury, or sudden illness before the arrival of an ambulance, doctor or any other qualified person. First aid also includes the treatment given for an injury or sudden illness to an individual who does not require further treatment or assistance from medical practitioners. First aid provides you with important skills that you can use to give help to someone requiring assistance as a result of a trauma which is an accident or a medical condition.  A first aider is a person who in effect volunteers their first aid skills to someone in need. If you would like to purchase this course please click the button below

By completing this course, if you come across someone in need of assistance, by knowing what to do, and being able to follow your training, you could make a significant difference to someone from dealing with a small cut to possibly saving their life. A first aider is not a medical practitioner, and after completing this course, you still won’t be one.

The aim of this Emergency First Aid training course is to provide you with the knowledge to be able to offer assistance to someone suffering a sudden illness or injury with the objective of trying to preserve life, trying to prevent the individual’s condition from getting worse and promoting the recovery of the individual.

This Emergency First Aid Course is divided into 10 modules;

  1. Introduction to First Aid
  2. Patient Assessment
  3. Respiratory Emergencies
  4. Cardiac Emergencies
  5. Wounds and Bleeding
  6. Altered Levels of Consciousness
  7. Musculoskeletal Injuries
  8. Burns, Chemicals and Electric Shock
  9. Miscellaneous First Aid Treatments
  10. Covid-19

Accreditation and certification of completion of Emergency first aid training course

Candidates take a multiple choice questionnaire. Compliplus Certificates of Attendance are supplied on completion of the emergency first aid course.
If you would like to know more about our emergency first training course please email info@compliplus.com or call (046) 924 5658

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