Creating a bespoke online course

Safety Management Supports to Glanbia

Compliplus provides comprehensive solutions and specific online safety courses for employees of companies who have any specific internal safety concerns.

Our expert team can visit your business, complete a safety assessment on the concern, make safety recommendations to implement and with these in place we can put together a detailed course script.

Once the script has been created and validated we then send out our camera crew to take videos and images of the procedures.

Once all is completed we can create a specific online safety course for the safety concern.


We can also upload a course / presentation already created within the company and add in a form of tracking course completion, questions answered, time taken to complete and add in certification.

Lastly, we also provide document validation from a safety and quality standpoint for employees to download documents, read and sign. They will sign off that they have read and understand the document or can be given questions to answer to prove they do understand.

Common internal courses we’ve created for other clients include: 

  • Company Specific Safety Inductions
  • Specific Machine Training Safety Course
  • Specific Procedural Training
  • Previous Accident / Incident Safety Concerns
Safety Management Supports to Glanbia

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