Accident Investigation


Accident Investigation

In the unfortunate event of a workplace accident, our Accident Investigation services provide a thorough analysis to determine the cause and prevent future incidents. We examine the accident scene, interview witnesses, and review procedures to identify the root causes. Our findings are compiled into a comprehensive report, offering actionable recommendations to improve safety measures and ensure compliance with Irish safety laws

Accident Investigation


Accident Investigation Services We Provide

1. Accident Investigation and Prevention

2. Forensic Investigation (Procedure and Documentation)

3. Accident Reporting

4. Liaising with Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and Insurance Companies

5. Legal Assistance and Court Appearance

6. Training and Workshops

7. Ongoing Support and Consultation


Testimonials & Case Studies

“We find Compliplus enables us to address training and compliance issues, without putting undue strain on the day-today operation of the business.”

– Martin Butterfield, Operations & Service Manager

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“We have found that Compliplus provide a very practical and comprehensive health and safety service to the site operations and have significantly helped us in raising our safety standards for the site.”

– Maurice Murphy, Engineering Manager