Compliplus; Making Health and Safety Compliance Easier For Our Clients
  • Compliplus makes Health & Safety compliance easier by providing effective and sensible consultancy advice and support to organisations in relation to all health and safety.

  • Compliplus provides an extensive range of effective Health & Safety training courses throughout Ireland and beyond.

  • Compliplus have an inhouse development team that develop both generic and be-spoke online Health and Safety training courses.

  • Compliplus assists organisations with achieving and maintaining ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS: 18001, etc. 

Latest News and Information

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Trainer Login

March 30, 2020
This area is for registered trainers. Read More

Working from Home Advice

March 19, 2020
The outbreak of Coronavirus and the current campaign of self-isolation to stop it's spread has led to a huge rise in staff staying at home to work or as it's also called, remote working. Working from home isn't all about staying in your PJ's and drinking… Read More

Coronavirus Resources and Toolbox Talk

March 11, 2020
With the continued threat of Coronavirus we have published a toolbox talk which can help educate your staff on how best to deal with this threat. The below also give access to additional information relating to COVID-19. You can also download a copy here:… Read More

Coronavirus, advice for employers and employees

February 27, 2020
With Coronavirus so much in the news at the moment, this information should give both employers and employees guidance about the best management of this threat in their workplace. Background and scope of guidance This guidance will assist employers and… Read More

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