Safety Statement

A Safety Statement is a plan, in writing, which specifically identifies the hazards, assesses the risks, identifies the controls to be put in place, the persons responsible and the resources necessary to secure the safety of persons at work. It is required by Section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.


Safety Statement

We create comprehensive Safety Statement’s in line with legislative requirements which addresses the major safety management, consultation and operational issues that apply to your activities.

The Safety Statement should be made available to all employees and other persons who may be affected by your activities.

The Safety Statement is reviewed on an annual basis or when there are legislative or work practice changes.

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Who Is Responsible

Responsibility for safety proceeds from the Board of Directors, through the Managing Director, to all senior management and in turn to each manager, supervisor, team leader, and member of staff. It is the responsibility of all line management to ensure that employees are trained and motivated to comply with our company’s safety policy, safety statements, safety rules, procedures, safety standards and relevant laws.

Line management also has a responsibility to keep fully informed of the impact that activities under its control and ensure that they take corrective action as appropriate.

Equally all employees have a responsibility to protect their own safety and that of others affected by their work, to avoid behaviours that could result in injury to others and to cooperate in implementing the safety policy, rules, standards, procedures and guidelines.


Risk Assessment


Risk Assessment Legislation

Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires that employers and those who control workplaces to any extent must identify the hazards in the workplaces under their control and assess the risks to safety and health at work presented by these hazards.

Employers must examine and write down these workplace risks and what to do about them. Ultimately, assessing risk means that anything in the workplace that could cause harm to your employees, other employees and other people (including customers, visitors and members of the public) must be carefully examined. This allows you to estimate the magnitude of risk and decide whether the risk is acceptable or whether more precautions need to be taken to prevent harm.

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