Ladder Safety Training

This ladder safety training will ensure you have the knowledge to be able to use, select, maintain and inspect ladders.
ladder safety training course Ireland

Current legislation requires that any one working at height should be competent to do so and be trained in the equipment used to gain access. This ladder safety training course will ensure delegates have the knowledge and instruction to be able to use, select, maintain and inspect ladders and step ladders. 

The ladder safety course is approx. 3½ hours and is a mixture theory (approx. 60%) and practical involving the inspection, selection, positioning, securing, use and storage of ladders (c 40%).

Ladder Safety Training Content;


  1. Why Ladder Accidents are Happening
  2. Main Causes of Accidents
  3. Ladder Safety
  4. Work at Heights Legislation Relating to the Use of Ladders
  5. Fundamental Principles: Ladder Types and Applications
  6. Ladder Classifications and Use Parameters
  7. Access Selection Considerations
  8. Pre-use Considerations, Including Positioning and Stability
  9. Effective Ladder Stabilising and Securing Methods
  10. How to Conduct an Effective Risk Assessment on Using a Ladder for a Job
  11. Good and Bad Practice, Including Best Practice
  12. Golden Rules for Safe Use of Ladders and Step Ladders
  13. Ladder Specific Height Safety Equipment Selection and Suitability
  14. Ladder Transportation
  15. Ladder Inspections and Associated Documentation

Accreditation and certification

Candidates take a multiple-choice questionnaire to confirm an understanding of the subject. Compliplus Limited Certificates of Attendance are supplied on completion of the Ladder Safety Course.


Each Ladder Safety course has a maximum of 10 participants.

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