Comprehensive Risk Assessments Service


Comprehensive Risk Assessments Service

Our Risk Assessment services are essential for identifying and managing workplace hazards in accordance with Ireland’s Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act 2005. We conduct in-depth analyses of your work environment, processes, and equipment to identify potential risks. Our team of experts evaluates these risks and provides tailored recommendations to reduce or eliminate hazards, ensuring a safe and compliant workplace. We focus on proactive strategies to anticipate and manage risks before they lead to accidents.

Risk Assessment


General Services (Applicable Across All Industries)

Workplace Hazard Identification

Identifying potential hazards in the work environment.

Risk Analysis and Evaluation

Assessing the likelihood and impact of identified hazards.

Control Measure Implementation

Recommending and implementing strategies to mitigate risks.

Compliance Review

Ensuring adherence to relevant safety legislation and standards.

Employee Safety Training

Providing training on risk awareness and prevention.

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Developing and reviewing emergency response plans.


Industry-Specific Services

1. Construction Industry

2. Manufacturing Industry

3. Healthcare Industry

4. Retail and Hospitality Industry

5. Education Sector

6. Transport and Logistics Industry

7. Office Environments

8. Energy and Utilities Industry

9. Technology and IT Sector


Testimonials & Case Studies

“We find Compliplus enables us to address training and compliance issues, without putting undue strain on the day-today operation of the business.”

– Martin Butterfield, Operations & Service Manager

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“We have found that Compliplus provide a very practical and comprehensive health and safety service to the site operations and have significantly helped us in raising our safety standards for the site.”

– Maurice Murphy, Engineering Manager