Online Risk Assessment Safety Training

Risk Assessments for Business
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Compliplus is pleased to announce the latest addition to our online suite of courses entitled Online Risk Assessment Safety Training. Risk assessment is an essential part of health and safety practices in any workplace and under Section 19 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 Section 19 it’s the law to have a written assessment in place.  The Compliplus Effective Risk Assessment course is an interactive e-learning course designed to train employees in the concept of risk assessment and why risks need to be assessed in a methodical way. This course takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and the benefits include:

Creating a positive safety culture by helping employees understand risk better.

  • Ensure those required to carry out risk assessments have the appropriate training.
  • A customised Risk Assessment to suit your business needs.
  • Use risk assessment to enhance all work practices including commercial, safety, quality, etc. decisions.

Online Risk Assessment Safety Training are often thought of as cumbersome to complete but the benefits of having a comprehensive risk assessment in place are clear. These benefits include increased productivity, reduced risk of ill health, reduced absenteeism and related costs and reduced exposure to injury and associated compensation claims. Undertaking a Health & Safety Risk Assessment can also help to protect your business from liability and keep your staff safe.

Our Online Risk Assessment Safety Training tutorial outlines the 3 steps required to complete a comprehensive risk assessment for your business. A Risk Assessment is simply a written document that enables you to review your work environment, identify hazards or risks and develop a plan to either reduce or eliminate these risks. In essence, when you can remove risk, do it; when you can’t, reduce it. The course will enable you and your delegates to:

 Step 1 – Identify Hazards 

Take a good look around your workplace and the work that you are doing there. Review situations where people can be harmed (e.g., vehicles, machinery, etc.) There is no need to consider every minor hazard as risk is a part of our everyday lives.

Step 2 – Determine the Level of Risk

Some hazards will be high risk, e.g., working with heavy machinery or chemicals. Other hazards will be a lower risk because the harm may be less severe. Ask yourself what is the chance people will be harmed and how serious could the injury be?

Step 3 – Put in Control Measures

Decide what you are going to do to make the task or activity safer for you; your employees and other people around you. Implement the controls and then most importantly, tell your employees! Control measures are the most significant part of the risk assessment, as they set out the steps that must be followed to protect people in the workplace.

Our effective Risk Assessment course delivers the necessary practical steps to enable you to produce a comprehensive and legally valid Risk Assessment for your business. In addition, Compliplus have highly skilled Consultants who can undertake bespoke Risk Assessments in conjunction with clients. Compliplus have safety professionals with training, knowledge and experience across many sectors and are able to provide tailored expert advice for your business needs.

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