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O'Reilly Concrete - Precast Conrete Training

O’Reilly Concrete – was formed in 1939 and over the years has expanded their original sand and gravel business to become one of the largest precast manufacturers in Ireland and the UK. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and erection of Precast Frame Buildings. Their precast structures are being used for many types of construction including schools, apartment buildings, retail and office blocks. The company now directly employs 170 staff with 55 sub-contractors with manufacturing facilities in Cavan, Monaghan and Meath. The group is made up of 3 companies, O’Reilly Concrete, Barleystone Paving and O’Reilly Oakstown Environmental.


The company required a comprehensive Health & Safety programme to ensure staff safety at work and to ensure health and safety compliance within the group. O’Reilly’s have 7 plants in multiple locations with at least 20 employees in each location and require Precast Conrete Training

The Challenges

The main challenge was to develop and deliver a health and safety training programme that could be used by all employees working in different locations. The company operates a large-scale manufacturing plant in Co. Cavan alongside their traditional quarrying businesses. In addition, O’Reilly Oakstown Environmental provide wastewater treatment solutions and manufacture Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Agricultural Retaining Walls, etc. With different work locations and activities, it can be difficult to develop a consistent training programme whilst still reflecting the nature of the business at each location.

The Goal

The goal was to put in place an effective and easy to use safety management system for Precast Conrete Training that met the requirements of all business activities within the group. In addition, the Group wanted to set out a schedule of audits to monitor compliance.


In partnership with O’Reilly’s management, Compliplus developed 8 specific work/site related courses which addressed the mandatory H&S training required for each staff member, specific to their role. A specific bespoke induction was produced so all staff and sub-contractors of O’Reilly Concrete would be aware of their responsibilities from the outset. Courses were also developed for more high risk and specialist work processes. Compliplus continues to develop tailor made courses to reflect new business developments and to meet training needs.


The online system has proved a success as all staff have easy access to the system and the Precast Conrete Training content is specific to their role. Management has access to up to date information on staff completing their training, all at the touch of a button. Health and Safety practices are continuously reviewed to ensure that the highest safety standards are met. Ashling McArdle, Group Health and Safety Manager, has provided a testimonial below. For more information on this please go to our specific course development page


“Compliplus contacted the O’Reilly group to introduce their cloud based Health and Safety system. They reviewed our existing health & safety practices and worked with us to implement a schedule of training and programmes helping us to specifically meet our targets in health & safety.

Compliplus offered a broad range of courses that were comprehensive and most importantly industry specific. They have also worked closely with us to develop courses that were task specific. Compliplus offers a Cloud based training programme that could be accessed from all our sites, when and where it suited our employees. We have rolled this programme out and we have found it to be a cost effective, automated system that also encourages valuable feedback directly from all our employees & staff.

Paddy, Colin and the team have gone above and beyond their duties to help us get training completed. They have also been a huge help outside of the training field including helping with safety documentation and keeping us up to date with current legislation. They have dealt with us in a very professional manner from the original contact stage right through to the rolling out of the programme; offering great support and training. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies who wish to improve their safety compliance.”

Ashling McCardle – Health & Safety Manager

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