Health & Safety Induction Training

Compliplus have recognised that employee safety induction courses are vital for new and existing employees to gain the appropriate information about how the company manages safety. An effective safety induction course will not only help to inform employees about the safety controls within the workplace, it will also help reduce the risk of new employees getting exposed to hazardous or unsafe situations.

At Compliplus we provide comprehensive safety induction courses covering the specific safety controls associated with each organisation. We can design and if required deliver safety induction courses either traditionally or online.

Compliplus can tailor and create company specific safety induction courses which can include:

  • Managing Director Introduction
  • About the company
  • Company legal responsibilities to employee safety
  • Key Safety Policies for the work an employee is completing
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Safety Requirements

If you would like to see more in relation to our safety induction courses or company specific safety induction why not give us a call on 046 9245658

safety induction