Safety Consulting

Our safety consultants bring a wealth of experience and knowledge which helps organisations effectively manage health and safety as they develop and grow.

Our health & safety consultancy services include; 

  • Acting as an organisations retained safety consultant advisor
  • Implementation of safety management systems
  • Development of health and safety statements
  • Conducting health and safety risk assessments
  • Developing health and safety method statements
  • Developing health and safety paperwork  
  • Health and Safety audits and inspections
  • Accident / Incident Safety Investigation
  • Health and Safety Team Management
  • Health and Safety Administration
  • Health and Safety Recruitment

At Compliplus, we are a group of highly skilled and experienced safety consultants who are passionate about health and safety consulting. Our main goal is to make workplaces safer through innovative solutions for organisations. Our health & safety processes are designed to complement your existing structures, not create new ones. We understand one size doesn’t fit all, so Compliplus will help you integrate our health and safety programs into your workplace with flexible delivery options with a combination of ‘in-house’ and safety consultant delivered options available. Working together we can improve your health and safety culture and refine your safety systems through our range of innovative health and safety solutions