Working from Home Advice

Compliplus working from homeThe outbreak of Coronavirus and the current campaign of self-isolation to stop it's spread has led to a huge rise in staff staying at home to work or as it's also called, remote working. Working from home isn't all about staying in your PJ's and drinking endless cups of tea so here are a few considerations which can make this easier for you. 
Try and keep to your regular work routine - get up, get dressed and be ready to start work at your normal time. 
Set up a dedicated work space
It's great if you have an home office at home or even a spare bedroom to set up in but ideally your workstation should be in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of home life. This allows a greater separation of home and work. 
Computer Use Tips 
Using a laptop for an extended period of time can cause discomfort so you should ensure it is adjusted to the correct viewing distance and height using a stand or monitor blocks. Use an external mouse and keyboard at the same level in your primary reach zone.  Ensure the keyboard and mouse are at elbow height and in front of the body; adjust the table and/or chair height, if possible. Take regular breaks and alter postures often to avoid discomfort and fatigue. 
Maximise your home broadband speed by running updates and schedule anti-virus updates for non-working times and these can affect the speed of your computer whilst working. The closer your router is to your device, the quicker it will be. The best signal is achieved if your router is in a line of sight to the laptop or device you are working on. If possible, connect the ethernet cable direct to your device as this will optimise speed and give you a better result than over Wi-Fi.
Ensuring that your workstation is set up properly can go a long way in avoiding discomfort. Where possible, your chair should have adjustable height and back support. Armrests should adjust vertically and laterally to ensure that elbows are close to your sides, with forearms and hands parallel to the floor. The base of the chair should have five legs and casters for stability and mobility. The online Compliplus Ergonomics Course can assist with more information workstation ergonomics.   
It's important to check in with your work colleagues as working from home can sometimes be a bit isolating. Pick up the phone or use email to keep in touch. Skype and Facetime are good for video calls.  
Getting out for a walk or doing some exercise will improve both mind and body. This is especially important for those who are self-isolating, remember to maintain a safe distance from others.  
Compliplus can offer practical advice and support to employers on best practices in health and safety. For more information, please contact us on (046) 9245658.