Work Vehicle Safety Campaign

Compliplus HSA vehicle safetyThe latest safety campaign from the HSA will focus on vehicles at work and will concentrate on the management of vehicle risks in the workplace such as driving for work, vehicle operations and load securing. Accidents involving transport in the workplace killed 16 people in Ireland in 2019, making it the main cause of death in the workplace last year.

Trucks and dumpers are the most hazardous vehicle types in the commercial workplace – accounting for five deaths last year – and are frequently found in warehouses, workshops and factories.

The most common types of Work-Related Vehicle incidents are:

  • People being hit by moving vehicles
  • People falling from vehicles
  • People injured by objects falling from vehicles
  • People injured by vehicles overturning 
  • People being injured during vehicle maintenance

Most fatal work related Vehicle incidents occur during the following activities:

  • Reversing 
  • Slow speed manoeuvres
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Loading and unloading
  • Coupling and uncoupling
  • Deliveries and collections

The campaign will focus on the following:

  • pedestrian management near moving vehicles
  • loading, unloading and load securing
  • goods inwards, outwards and storage operations
  • use of, forklifts, motorised and self-propelled handling equipment
  • storage rack installation, condition, maintenance and inspection routines

The HSA advises that the employer should have a vehicle risk management policy detailing how the risks associated with plant and vehicle traffic are being managed in a workplace.

Inspectors will talk with managers and workers in the workplace to determine whether controls are in place and if they are being effectively implemented, monitored and reviewed.

Our online Driver Safety Training aims to raise awareness and reduce vehicle accidents which will in turn reduce the risk of injury or worse to drivers and fellow road users. The course covers light commercial vehicles and key areas covered are as follows:

  • Fitness to Drive
  • Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance
  • Efficient Driving
  • Accident & Incident requirements
  • Personal Safety

For more information or to book and online course please click here or for further information from the HSA click on the links below.