Managing Sub Contractors

Compliplus Managing Sub contractors adviceSubcontractors can play an important part in the success of your business, either to support your business activities, to increase your service offering or to provide specialist services.

It’s important that subcontractors aren’t chosen purely on price, as quality, safety, and behaviour are just as important
Subcontractors are effectively seen by clients as being endorsed by you or even representing your own business so they expect that you have completed appropriate due diligence. It is also worth noting that under Health and Safety Legislation, you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your subcontractors and can be held to account in the event of an issue.

There are some simple processes you can do to evaluate and manage your contractors, firstly to ensure that they have the appropriate competence for the activities that they are engaged to do and that they meet the associated safety compliance requirements. For all subcontractors, the following process can be used to validate compliance and competence;

Subcontractor Prequalification Form 

Step 1: Ask your Subcontractor to complete a Prequalification Form. This gathers important details like safety history, experience, insurance, training, etc.

Step 2: Review the completed Prequalification Form. This helps to validate their safety history, experience, insurance, training, etc.
Step 3: Provide clear guidance on the scope of works.
Step 4: Request a Method Statement and Risk Assessment for the works.
Step 5: Review their Method Statement and request amendments if required.
Step 6: Approve their Method Statement.
Step 7: Monitor their performance for safety and quality. Address any Shortfalls.
Step 8: On completion of Works review their performance. Ask the question, should we use them 

So, get to grip with your sub-contractors and ensure that they are supporting your activities as opposed draining your resources or worse; adversely affecting your profitability and/or reputation.

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