New Year Health & Safety Resolutions

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Happy New Year! January is a good time to “clean house” and take stock of your Health & Safety requirements for 2019 and start the New Year off on the best foot possible. 

Safety Statement needs updating?

Risk Assessments to be reviewed?

Staff Training required?

We Can Help.

We Can Help.

We Can Help.

Sometimes Health & Safety paperwork seems endless and overwhelming but by completing a Health & Safety review at the start of the year the process can be made easier.

Safety Statements

The Health and Safety Authority recommends that Safety Statements be updated at least annually and whenever work practices or legislation changes.  If you are a retained client, then if you have not received your revised safety statement, it will be with you shortly. If you are not a retained client, then forward on your safety statement to us and we can advise if it needs reviewing. Legislation relating to Health & Safety is constantly changing and your Safety Statement should reflect the most up to date position.  We would advise you to review your Safety Statement in 2019 to ensure best working practice. 

Risk Assessments

As with Safety Statements, a Risk Assessment is a mandatory article in any business. A Risk Assessment aids you in identifying workplace hazards or risks and develop a plan to either reduce or eliminate these risks.   An up to date and correctly completed Risk Assessment can help protect your business from liability and keep your staff safe. 

We have an online training tutorial which is available to assist your staff in completing Risk Assessments. Delegates trained effectively in Risk Assessment Procedure will produce effective Risk Assessments. 

Staff Training

We all know that adequate staff training is key in preventing accidents and ill health caused by unsafe work practices. As an employer it is your duty to provide training for your staff, and the benefits are clear;

  •  Staff are protected from workplace accidents and ill health.
  • Reduced absences and sick leave due to workplace accidents and incidents.
  • Improved staff retention.
  • Reputational risk is reduced.
  • Increased productivity and profits.
  • Reduced insurance premiums and legal costs from claims etc.

It’s a good idea to review all staff training records to ascertain if further or refresher training is required.  Many courses have expiry dates for example;

  •  Manual Handling Training – every 3 years. 
  • Abrasive Wheel Training – every 3 years.
  • First Aid Training – every 2 years.
  • Fire Awareness (Non-Residential) – every two years.
  • Fire Awareness (Residential) – every year.

We have a range of online and traditional courses to meet staff training requirements. New courses are continuously in development and just released are Asbestos Awareness, Legionella Awareness and Safe Driving (light Commercial Vehicles). 

So start your New Year on the safest foot possible!