Risk Assessment For Your Business

Risk Assessments are often thought of as cumbersome to complete but the benefits of having a comprehensive risk assessment include increased productivity, reduced risk of ill health, reduced absenteeism and related costs and reduced exposure to injury and associated compensation claims. A good risk assessment is an essential part of health and safety practices in any workplace and under Section 19 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 Section 19 it’s the law to have a written assessment in place.

Compliplus offer an online course entitled “How to conduct effective Risk Assessments”. The course is an interactive e-learning course designed to train employees in the concept of risk assessment and why risks need to be assessed in a methodical way.  It outlines the 3 steps required to complete a comprehensive risk assessment for your business. A Risk Assessment is simply a written document that enables you to review your work environment, identify hazards or risks and develop a plan to either reduce or eliminate these risks.  In essence, when you can remove risk, do it; when you can’t, reduce it. 

Our effective Risk Assessment course delivers the necessary practical steps to enable you to produce a comprehensive and legally valid Risk Assessment for your business. In addition, Compliplus have highly skilled Consultants who can undertake bespoke Risk Assessments in conjunction with clients. For more information on Risk Assessment please see the recent blog on our website by clicking the attached link here.