World Handwashing Day 12th October - how well do you scrub up?

Hand Hygiene, Hand washing

Monday 12th October is world handwashing day and hand hygiene is a vital part of good health and safety practices in the workplace. We often think that hand hygiene mostly applies to handling food or healthcare businesses but all employees whatever the business must operate good hand hygiene to protect themselves and others.

Everyone can protect themselves and handwashing with soap is easy. The benefits are numerous and hand hygiene should be practiced at key times such as after using the toilet or before contact with food. Clean hands dramatically reduce the risk of diarrhoea and respiratory infections, which can cause serious illness or death. It is important to consider the reputational risk to a business if an outbreak of infection were to occur.

Compliplus offers a Hand Hygiene e-learning course which delivers a practical guide to training you and your staff in the necessary steps for good hand hygiene.  The online course takes only 20 minutes and can be assessed on any device at your convenience. Compliplus have safety professionals with training, knowledge and experience across many sectors and are able to provide tailored expert advice for your business needs.

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shutterstock Hand washing process