Conducting Work Safely means less risk

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On Monday the 12th of March two workers died in separate incidents, one as a result of stacked material falling on him and the second fell from the roof of a hotel. This brings the total workplace fatalities for the year to-date to 8. It is important that employers and workers ensure that all work is conducted safely and if in doubt, STOP and seek advice prior to proceeding. Failing to conduct work safely can have serious consequences.


2017_end_of_year_infogfx.jpgIn 2017 47 people lost their lives while at the workplace this can be due to the more amount of people working but they all need to be shown and taught about the dangers of their workplace .


With safery managment and training it is more likely for this statistic to go down if everyone knows the risks and dangers of their workplace it can become a safer for people to work .