Ergonomics advice for Home Workers

Compliplus work from homePrior to COVID-19, the percentage of employees working from home was minimal. Now, significant numbers of employees are working remotely, and this is likely to continue for some time. When employees are working from home, employers don’t always know that they have a responsibility to ensure their safety whilst working at home, and this includes ensuring that their workstation is appropriate. As with office based employees, remote workers require a workstation assessment if they work in excess of 1 hour per day in front of a computer screen. In keeping with the times, Compliplus can now offer this service via a virtual assessment. 

The opportunity to work from home is for many a welcome change to the grind of a daily commute but as we are now living longer term with coronavirus it is best to ensure that your WFH situation is optimised for you. To avoid any injury like muscloskeletal pain or repetitive stress injury, you should ensure that your home workspace is set up correctly.

To assist employees and their staff with this we have created a Remote Working at Home Self-Assessment Checklist.

This document focuses the key areas to be assessed such as:

  • The general environment. Looking at light, heat, noise and the physical aspects of the workspace.
  • The correct set up of the workspace in order to prevent any musculoskeletal injuries or accidents.
  • Self-Care. Often this can be overlooked but it is important to maintain a work/life balance when both become intertwined.

This checklist can identify any areas that need to be addressed to assist the employee with the transition of home to work and back again.

Working from home certainly has its benefits like a zero commute and more flexible working hours but it is important to remember that employees can feel isolated and left out if working from home without adequate supports in place. As an employer regular communication with your staff is important. How and when you communicate with your home-based staff should be agreed, for example, a weekly video call or phone conversation at an agreed time. You should provide regular feedback and encourage employees to keep in contact with their own colleagues.

Our Blog on Tips on working from home may also be useful as it contains advice for the worker at home.

The Compliplus Workstation Ergonomics Course is a comprehensive awareness course designed to assist the worker with the knowledge and expertise to optimally arrange their workstation. We also provide additional supports and guidance to employers on best practices in health and safety. For more information, please contact us on (046) 9245658 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..