Companies embrace Online Learning during Covid-19 restrictions

Compliplus online learning With the emergence of the global COVID-19 pandemic many companies have had to look at alternative ways of ensuring that their business can continue to operate.  Significant changes in organisational arrangements means that remote working, reduced numbers in the workplace and virtual meetings are now the norm. This new way of operating has created a boom in the online training and compliance market as it the most effective way to address this requirement whilst complying with the strict COVID-19 guidelines. 


COVID-19 did not start the process of organisations moving to online training solutions for their safety and compliance training. Online training solutions had already achieved a significant share of the training market, primarily due to the ease of access to online services and the significant increases in IT literacy brought about by the introduction of the smart phone.


Whether you like it or not, for a significant amount of people especially those who have been brought up in the smart phone era, the internet is now an appendage of the body. Organisations like Facebook for the older generations all the way to TikTok for the teenagers and 20 something’s has taken significant commercial advantage of this and continue to do so. Similarly, a lot of organisations have seen the opportunity to move their training and compliance onto an online format, not just because the trend is to put online solutions in place, but because it makes good business sense.

Some of the key advantages of Online training include;

  • Flexibility – Training can be completed to fit around the organisation’s/individual’s schedule
  • Accessibility – Access at home, at work, at any time, and generally on any device
  • Standardisation - Information standardised, no trainer bias or misinformation
  • Practical – focused on subject matter, very little deviation and therefore concise
  • Assessment – Automated assessment process with corrective feedback
  • Feedback – Provides delegates with opportunity for constructive feedback
  • Adaptable – Course content can be tailored to the business using their own branding
  • Cost effective - Course costs are reduced and there are no down time, travel, tutor or accommodation costs.

From an environmental standpoint, online training has the smallest carbon footprint and is the most sustainable learning solution.

What has been the effect of COVID-19 on online learning? In essence it has accelerated the move by organisations from traditional based training to online solutions. Effectively COVID-19 has given online learning a significant boost, which in my view will not be reversed, in fact online learning will now become the norm.

Are organisations embracing online training during Covid-19? The answer is undoubtedly yes, but maybe not all for the right reason. Some are undoubtedly doing it because they have no other choice, whilst others are looking at it from a commercial and strategic standpoint where they see the significant benefits afforded by online training solutions and avail of this as an opportunity to move into the online training arena.

Like it or not, the move to online learning is progressing at a significant pace.

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