Manual Handling Certification Details

Manal Handling certification Details

In accordance with Irish legislation a practical assessment must be completed by the trainee on successful Manual Handling Certificationcompletion of manual handling training. This is to ensure that the trainee has understood and puts safe manual handling into practice.

In reality this is a short assessment undertaken and signed off by a qualified Manual Handling Instructor. On completion of Compliplus online training a Tutor will assess each trainee in person or via a video link to establish the trainee’s understanding.

Upon successful completion of the assessment the trainee’s certificate is made available for download.

If you would like to purchase the online manual handling course for €65.00, please click on the icon below:

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Course Certifcation lasts for 3 years before a refresher course wil have to be taken. Our Online Manaul Handling Course takes aprroximately 90 mins with a 10 minute practical assessment to be completed after online course completion.

The objective of this Manual Handling course is to give delegates an understanding of “safe manual handling” principles and be able to implement the processes and activities required by the legislation to remove or reduce risks relating to manual handling in the workplace

  • Review of Manual Handling Legislation 
    o List Employer and Employee responsibilities and obligations
    o Identify Risk Assessment & Safe Working Loads 
    o Recognise Handling Techniques - Old, Habitual and New


  • Applying Legislation and Guidance 
    o List the causes of common back injuries 
    o Demonstrate the principles of good movement
    o Apply these principles to their own work situations 
    o Practising and assessing the correct movements - peers and under the supervision of the tutor


  • Common back injuries and their causes 
    o Identify Spine and vertebrae structures 
    o Recognise injuries; skeletal and muscular 
    o Demonstrate knowledge of Biomechanics, Spinal Awareness and Posture 
    o Identify the negative effect of poor posture and load position 
    o Apply techniques of kinetic handling


  • Principles of good movement 
    o Assessing the load/s
    o Lifting & lowering from the floor and bench
    o Pushing & pulling
    o Stabilisation of Loads

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