Titanium Developments Limited

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Titanium Development Limited, 31 Western Parkway Business Centre, Ballymount Road, Dublin 12.

Titanium Developments, design and build specialists in the healthcare sector. They have a proven methodology of working in sensitive areas and live environments. They liaise with infection control teams and local TSD Dept to ensure local protocols are adhered to. Titanium Developments will not compromise on safety and use an independent auditor to monitor projects and carry out risk assessments as required.


They want to set up a safety management system for managing safety during construction projects on sensitive healthcare sites.

The Challenge

The challenge is not only manage the construction safety requirements but also manage the associated clinical requirements, predominantly associated with infection control management. This also coincided with upgrading from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

The Goal:

The goal was to put in place an effective and easy to use safety management system that met the requirements of both the construction related activities within the clinical environment and ISO 9001:2015 Standards. In addition, set out a schedule of audits to monitor compliance.


Compliplus engaged with Titanium Management to agree the specific outcomes. We then evaluated a number of different projects focusing on the key objectives. We developed a specific safety management system which incorporated a number of significant changes to enable future projects to be completed more effectively and efficiently from both a safety and clinical standpoint. In addition, we developed an audit schedule the ensures each site is audited once a week on a random basis. Following a presentation to Titanium Management, this has been fully endorsed by them and is now in use on all their sites.


Following the implementation of the new safety management system, Titanium successfully achieved ISO 9001:2015, in addition following a comprehensive audit carried out by Titanium Insurers, they were adjudged to be 100% compliant.

Mark Byrne, managing director of Titanium Developments Limited, we are delighted to have made the investment in upgrading our safety management system. Our new management system coupled with the weekly site audits has not only significantly improved safety on site it has also helped with securing additional work with clients.